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Bangkok Area Meetings


Monday - 1:00pm (13.00)
Name: Fah-Mai(ฟ้าใหม)
Format: Just For Today / Closed
Monday - 7:30pm (19.30)
Name: BNH Hospital
Format: Just for Today Reading / Open


Tuesday - 1:00pm (13.00)
Name: Fah-Mai(ฟ้าใหม)
Format: Just For Today - Share / Open
Tuesday วันอังคาร - 1:00PM (13.00-14.00)
Name: Love is here / ที่นี่มีรัก
Format: SWG / Thai ไทย / Open
Contact information for Tuesday Thai meeting at Sathira Dhammasathan:


Wednesday - 1:00pm (13.00)
Name: Fah-Mai(ฟ้าใหม)
Format: Literature Study "Living Clean" - Share / Open
Wednesday - 1:00pm (13.00)
Name: Love is here /ที่นี่มีรัก
Format: Topic / meditation/ Thai ไทย / open
Wednesday - 7:30pm (19.30)
Name: Fah-Mai(ฟ้าใหม)
Format: Step Meeting / Open
Contact information for Wednesday Thai meeting at Sathira Dhakmmasathan:


Thursday - 1:00pm (13.00)
Name: Fah-Mai(ฟ้าใหม)
Format: Topic Meeting / Open
Thursday - 2:00pm (14.00-15.00)
Name: ให้คำปรึกษาผู้ป่วย / Tanyarat hospital
Format: Thai Speaking Meeting / Open
Thursday - 7:00pm (19.00)
Name: Silom
Format: Living Clean Meeting / Open
Contact information for Thursday Thai meeting at Tanyarat hospital - :


Friday - 1:00pm (13.00)
Name: Fah-Mai(ฟ้าใหม)
Format: IWH&W / Open
Friday - 7:00pm (19.00)
Name: Fah-Mai(ฟ้าใหม)
Format: Just for Today / Open


Saturday - 1:00pm (13.00)
Name: Fah-Mai(ฟ้าใหม)
Format: Basic Text study with a speaker meeting on the first Saturday of every month / Open
Saturday - 6:00pm (18.00)
Name: Fah-Mai(ฟ้าใหม)
Format: Topic / Open
Saturday - 6:00pm (18.00)
Name: Saturday Night Alive
Format: Basic Text Study group
Michel: 0875322111 Iyash: 0633247744


Sunday - 7:00pm (19.00)
Name: PSI Center
Format: Topic Meeting / Open
Contact information for Bangkok NA

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