Chiang Mai Area Meetings


Monday - 7:00pm (19.00)
Name: Raintree
Format: Topic Meeting / Open


Tuesday - 12:00pm (12.00)
Name: Living Clean
Format: Step working guide meeting / Open

New comers welcome
Tuesday - 8:00pm (20.00)
Name: L8 Show
Format: IP, Meditation, Topic meeting / Open


Wednesday - 7:00pm (19.00)
Name: Rain Tree
Format: Living Clean / Open



Friday - 10:30Am (10.30)
Name: Thanyarak Hospital
Format: Thai Speaking Meeting / Open
Friday - 7:00pm (19.00)
Name: Raintree
Format: Topic Meeting / Open


Saturday - 12:00pm (12.00)
Name: The Chiang Mai Women's Meeting
Format: Women's Meeting / Open
Saturday - 2:00pm (14.00)
Name: Recovery Room
Format: How it Works Steps & Traditions / Open


Sunday - 10:00Am (10.00)
Name: Kawila Monument Park Meeting
Format: Living Clean / Open
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