2020 Thailand Convention

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Thailand Convention 2020

Thailand Regional Convention for 2020

It is official! The next regional convention for Thailand will be hosted in Chiang Mai, and this is going to be an exciting one! So set you calendars, book your tickets. It’s on!

The convention will be taking place on February 21st to February 23rd and will be held at Duangtawan Hotel Chiang Mai. And this one may be more exciting than previous Thailand conventions for a couple of reasons. One reason, we are bringing it back to the usual season we have had our conventions in the past, the end of February.

The Convention’s Theme

This year we are inviting everyone to send us your ideas on a theme you would love to see. You can either send us your ideas and thoughts on our website by clicking on here to our contact page. Or even better, you can join our convention FaceBook group here and send us your ideas. Also, to stay up to date will the latest news. We do plan to have an art contest after the theme has been decided.

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Thailand Convention Venue and Dates for 2020

Just a quick breakdown, the TRC 2020 convention will be help at Duangtawan Hotel Chiang Mai on February 21st to the 23rd. More information about hotel booking and planning will be coming out soon. Best way to stay up to date would be to join our FaceBook group here. And if your sponsor has you on a social media ban, you can subscribe on our website for the latest news from Thailand NA and contact us via the contact page.

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